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Peter Hauschildt

Peter H. Hauschildt
Professor of Astronomy
Hamburger Sternwarte
Gojenbergsweg 112
21029 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 428 38 8512
Fax: +49 40 428 38 8598
Email: yeti "AT" hs.uni-hamburg.de
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I am Professor for Astronomy at the Hamburger Sternwarte (observatory), which is part of the Department of Physics of the University of Hamburg. I served as Dept. Chair from 01/2014 until 12/2015, as Deputy Dept. Chair for 3.5 years and as Managing Director of the observatory for 3 years.

My main area of research is the modeling of stellar and planetary atmospheres using computer simulations with our PHOENIX code. This is a large scale supercomputing application, my group regularily uses large parallel supercomputers that can be found in the top 10 of the world's fastest supercomputers. My CV is available as PDF file and I also have a list of publications available (PDF, infrequently updated, please use ADS for up-to-date information!). I am a member of the Lothar Collatz Center for Computing in Science. My group has often opportunities for Bachelor & Master theses in the field of theoretical and computational astrophysics, please contact me for more information.


Im SoSe 2022 halte ich die Vorlesungen "Einführung in die Astronomie II" (für Studierende in einem BSc. Studiengang der MIN) und "Sterne, Galaxien, und das Universum" (für Hörer aller Fakultäten), sowie das Seminar "Moderne Probleme der Stellarastrophysik" und das Proseminar "Moderne Probleme der Stellarastrophysik" sowie die Spezialvorlesung Theorie und Praxis von Phoenix (Vorkenntnisse sind unabdingbar erforderlich!). Eine Anmeldung zur Vorlesung und den Seminaren ueber Stine ist zwingend notwendig, Vortraege im (Pro)Seminar koennen nur nach erfolgreicher Anmeldung in Stine vergeben werden (alles total voll, sorry!). Details werde ich ueber Stine emails an die angemeldeten Studierenden verschicken.

Astronomy program information

Please check out the web pages of the observatory for a FAQ list.

My main research interests are (not necessarily in this order):

(More information can be found on the PHOENIX homepage)

More information is available on the PHOENIX page

My friend and long time collaborator France Allard has passed away. Here are a few thoughts.

From here you can go to:

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