In Memoriam France Allard

With very great sadness I have learned about the passing of my long time friend and collaborator France Allard.

I have known France since about 1986 when we were both students at the ITA in Heidelberg. She had just moved from Montreal to start as a graduate student and we ended up with the same advisor for our dissertations (Rainer Wehrse). With her thesis on atmosphere models of M dwarfs she was pushing the state of the art a decade or two ahead. At the time we collaborated loosely, around 1993 our collaboration intensified with her suggestion to merge our, at the time, separate codes to expand modeling capabilities. Here is the relevant comment in the PHOENIX changelog:

* 4.0.0: exchanged the old EOS with the molecular EOS of
* France Allard. Added Brent-style solver for pure ion
* eos, added molecules consistently. (phh, 21/jul/93)

From there on, we (together with Eddie Baron) collaborated closely and, I dare say, very successfully on many many PHOENIX versions and generated a vast number of models. We spent countless hours and days discussing new ideas (hers were often brilliant and almost always good), code problems and possibilities, fixing innumerable bugs etc etc. I remember intense discussion sessions at the CRAL in the late 90's and early 2000's when I (and later also Travis Barman) was visiting her over the summer. Around 2005 our scientific interests drifted apart a bit and France continued to work on her fork of PHOENIX, constantly expanding its capabilities.

A few closing random thoughts:

Astronomy lost a great researcher and role model, far too early. I will always remember.

Peter Hauschildt
Hamburger Sternwarte

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